This week, Snowsports Industries America (SIA), at a hearing at the International Trade Commission in Washington, D.C., urged the Commission to reconsider their approach to the List 4 tariffs proposed on over $300 billion worth of Chinese goods.

The list includes more than 296 HTS codes on products produced by SIA members, slated for up to a 25-percent tariff if enacted. The products include performance outerwear, ski boots, gloves and mittens, footwear, safety headwear, skis and bindings, sweaters, snowshoes, ice skates, sleds, and toboggans. Nick Sargent, SIA’s President said: “these punitive tariffs are impacting every facet of our industry and will be one more economic challenge facing American consumers.”

Chris Steinkamp, SIA’s Director of Marketing and Communications, spoke to the panel on behalf of the SIA members. “Since the announcement of these tariffs in May, we’ve spoken to many of our members and in every single case, from the large manufacturers to the small and medium-sized retailers, I heard a great deal of concern. These products represent their livelihoods and I’m here on their behalf to communicate this concern to you,” said Steinkamp.

During the presentation, Steinkamp illustrated that the impacts that the proposed tariffs could have on SIA members emphasizing that the tariffs are a tax on consumers and that with tight margins throughout the industry, could result in layoffs and closed businesses across the snow sports industry. “There are too many businesses where an added 25-percent to the price of these goods means bankruptcy and layoffs, from large and small manufacturers to small, family-owned shops, the backbone of our industry. We cannot do business like this,” he said.

The hearings were an opportunity for 370 businesses and trade associations to speak directly to the Commission about the impact of the tariffs on their industries. Other winter sports brands that testified during the two-week hearing schedule included VF Corp, Head USA, K2 Sports, Krimson Klover, Columbia Sportswear, and Burton.

A final decision on the proposed list could be announced in the next two weeks. For the full transcript of SIA’s testimony, go here.