Ikor Labs, the Boulder-based producer of recovery-enhancing hemp oil/CBD (cannabidiol) products, announced the addition of Andrew Pruitt as sports medicine consultant for sciience and innovation.

Pruitt received a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy from Iowa State University and moved to Colorado in 1973 to join the sports medicine staff for Colorado University Athletics, eventually becoming the director of sports medicine. He subsequently earned an M.S in Physical Education and Sports Medicine from the University of Colorado, and an Ed.D in Adult Health Education from California Coast University.

Pruitt also served as the chief medical officer for U.S. Cycling as well as the chief medical officer for all cycling venues during the Atlanta Olympics. He eventually founded the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center. He was a pioneer in running and cycling pathomechanics using 3D motion capture technology.

Pruitt is also a two-time paralympic road cycling world champion, as well as a Nordic ski racer.

“This venture is back to my health and wellness roots. I have been experimenting with CBD for the past two years, and gravitated to Ikor’s position, philosophy and transparency. I am looking forward to helping build Ikor into a thought leader in recovery and CBD.” says Pruitt, of joining the Ikor team.

“The number one question I aim to answer is ‘does it work’. There are so many people talking about the benefits of CBD, I am looking forward to getting deeper into the science behind the product. There are a lot of companies out there with fancy packaging and fancy marketing but questionable products. We want to do it differently. We will have quality products that are marketed appropriately and build on the library of evidence.”

“We have been after Andy for years. I knew he was exactly who we needed here at Ikor, we just had to be patient until the timing was right,” says Craig Sweeney, Ikor president. “The way he views recovery, science, and training is so unique. His approach to research and product innovation is well-documented and will help solidify Ikor as a global leader in athletic recovery. We have mounds of anecdotal evidence from our athletes and our customers, and now I look forward to allowing Dr Pruitt to run free and really let the science guide what comes next for this brand.”

Pruitt will focus on research as well as the development of new products in the Ikor family.

Photo courtesy Ikor Labs