Smith has appointed Greg Randolph to the newly-created position of PR Communications Manager within its marketing department.  Since 2003, Randolph, a former Olympic and professional athlete, has been the Bike Promotions Manager at Smith managing a highly successful and long standing combination of team athletes, promotions, and media relationships.  As the in-house PR source, Randolph will focus on developing PR opportunities, presenting a passionate and consistent Smith message to the media and public at large, and developing specific PR projects to add momentum to Smith’s growing product line.

In the meantime, the Bike Promotions program will be put in the good hands of Gabe Schroder, who currently manages the much-respected Ski and Outdoor programs for Smith.  Schroder has been with Smith for two years and comes from a solid background of both bike and ski related marketing and promotions work.  Randolph will assist in the transition of the bike program as he begins developing Smith’s PR presence.

Smith would also like to take a moment to thank Drew Simmons and his exceptional team at Pale Morning Media who have managed Smith’s PR on a contractual basis for the past two years.