SmartWool’s president, Mark Satkiewicz, announced in a memo to staff this morning that the company would immediately contribute toward the flood relief efforts underway in and around Boulder, CO, where the company’s design center is based. Specifically, SmartWool will donate $10,000 to the Foothills Flood Relief Fund established by Foothills United Way in response to the impact of the severe flooding across Boulder and Broomfield counties. Staff were also encouraged to also make personal donations via the Foothills United Way website ( in the company-wide message.

“Colorado is not just where we run a business, it’s where we live,” says Satkiewicz. “While our thoughts certainly remain with the many friends, families, and employees in Boulder and surrounding areas who are experiencing this devastation first-hand, the situation demands action. We encourage other Colorado businesses to join us – however possible – in contributing to the communities affected.”

On Friday, September 27, a volunteer Service Day is scheduled for Boulder employees to take part in local flood relief projects. SmartWool has also donated over 500 pairs of socks to various organizations for people in need.