Slinger Bag and Wilson Sporting Goods Co. announced a new strategic collaboration. Slinger Bag will collaborate on co-branded products and promotional initiatives with Wilson in North America. Under the new collaboration, Slinger will design Wilson-branded tennis ball launchers for use at Wilson’s annual demo events in North America. The brand will also design Wilson/Slinger-branded Triniti tennis balls.

“To be working so closely in collaboration with such a renowned tennis brand as Wilson so soon after Slinger has been launched into the market is a great endorsement of the credibility and potential of our Slinger Bag product. Equally innovative, the Triniti tennis balls are the perfect match for the Slinger launcher in terms of their superior product performance and durability and importantly in regards to the enhanced environmental sustainability message delivered through both the Triniti ball itself and all of its packing being 100% recyclable,” said Mike Ballardie, CEO, Slinger Bag. “We are delighted to be in a strategic collaboration with Wilson Sporting Goods Co., and we are planning to aggressively pursue optimizing the synergies between both brands. This collaboration represents another important landmark in our brand journey.”

“Together with the Slinger Bag Launcher and our industry-first Triniti tennis balls, we hope to team up and drive more tennis play … and forge a path to a more sustainable tennis world,” said Hans-Martin Reh, General Manager, Wilson Racquet Sports.

Photo courtesy Wilson