“Sierra Designs has had the pleasure of working with many talented artists and would not be where we are today without their creative vision. We wanted to give back to the community in a meaningful way by supporting the next generation of talent with a visible platform for their work. To be a viable professional, you need both a space in which to practice and a place for your work to be seen. Sierra Designs is uniquely positioned to achieve both ends through our Aspiring Artists Program, which will hopefully become a core piece of who we are as a brand.” —  Sophie Coffey, Brand Manager, Sierra Designs

Eight photographers will be selected for the inaugural program and will receive Sierra Design gear with specific projects to push their creativity. Potential assignments include partnerships with non-profits, blog writing and asset creation for product launches. Those chosen will have their work featured on Sierra Designs social channels and will be an instrumental part in creating content for the brand’s IGTV channel. Aspiring Artists will also have the chance to team up with Sierra Designs’ official brand photographer, Peter Amend, for career advice, work critiques and mentorship. Applications are being accepted through February 1. To apply visit sierradesigns.com/aspiring-artists-application. Photos courtesy Sierra Designs