Shopify, a provider of e-commerce storefronts, has moved to ban certain firearms and parts on the company’s platform, including some semi-automatic weapons and 3D-printed guns.

The Canadian-based company revised its Acceptable Use Policy last week to ban a variety of firearms and gun-related products.

Semi-automatic firearms with magazines capable of holding more than 10 bullets, attachments such as bump stocks that can make guns fire more rapidly, firearms without serial numbers and 3D-printed guns are among some of the items that are now considered “restricted.”

“From time to time, Shopify reviews and amends the terms, conditions and policies governing the use of our platform. We have recently amended our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to restrict the sale of certain firearms and parts on our platform,” the company stated in an e-mail. “As we continue to scale globally, we may further refine our policies as needed.”

The company told the Associated Press that the change affected “a small number of merchants,” but would not give a specific number.

“Solely deferring to the law, in this age of political gridlock, is too idealistic and functionally unworkable on the fast-moving internet,” Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke wrote in a blog post. “We have found ourselves in a position of having to make our own decisions on some of these issues. And along the way we had to accept that neutrality is not a possibility.”

In response, NSSF in a statement called policy changes by Shopify “misinformed” and said that the policy “doesn’t contribute to increasing public safety. Instead, it limits customer choice and alienates law-abiding gun owners. Today’s gun owners can trust NSSF-member retailers who offer online services to provide them with the respect, dignity and service they have come to expect. When gun owners support these NSSF-member retailers, they contribute to a variety of industry-driven and effective public safety solutions.”