Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc., the nation’s oldest and most prominent youth football organization, announced an agreement with Shock Doctor Sports and their Cutters glove brand.  Under the new partnership, Shock Doctor becomes the official mouthguard of Pop Warner and Cutters becomes the official glove of Pop Warner.

The announcement is part of Pop Warner’s initiative to forge
relationships with the most forward-thinking companies in sports as they
work jointly to enhance the youth football experience. 

“Shock Doctor and Cutters have become two of the most exciting and innovative brands in sports.  We are proud to partner with Shock Doctor and Cutters to support the needs of our players,” said Jon Butler, Pop Warner’s executive director.  “Just as Pop Warner has developed and instituted progressive initiatives that improve youth football, Shock Doctor has helped re-invent the sports protection industry through education and product innovation.  We think this is a great alliance with Shock Doctor, Cutters, and Pop Warner football.”

“Pop Warner Football is literally shaping the future of football in America by teaching proper techniques and implementing rules designed to make the game safer,” said Tony Armand, CEO of Shock Doctor Sports.  “Shock Doctor’s mouthguards and our Cutters gloves address critical safety and performance needs for the players that should allow them to thrive at the game they love.”

Shock Doctor Sports is currently working to increase awareness and dialogue around the use of mouthguards during all aggressive contact sports.  It is estimated that $1.8 billion dollars is spent on dental injuries resulting from sports.  Football, where mouthguards are required, actually has lower oral facial injuries than sports such as basketball where mouthguards are not mandated.