The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) announced that Stan Jurga, Jr. was appointed to fill the open sporting goods industry seat on the Board of Directors of the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). Jurga is Vice President of Product Development for All-Star Sporting Goods.

NOCSAE is responsible for setting standards for the equipment in football, baseball, softball, equestrian (polo), lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, and ice hockey. SFIA was involved in the organization’s founding in 1970, and with that, fills two seats on the Board of Directors, currently at 19 members.

Jurga joins Gregg Hartley, SFIA’s lead consultant on standards, who currently serves as NOCSAE Vice President.

Jurga’s roll in the sports industry compliments the position. He currently divides his time between developing new products with his design and engineering team and the point-of-contact for professional athletes wearing All-Star products.

“Our responsibility as board members with NOCSAE is to represent the licensee’s interest in the development, revision or implementation of standards to ensure they meet the highest thresholds of technical expertise and are equitable to licensees, said Tom Cove, president & CEO, SFIA. “Stan’s experience and expertise as an unparalleled engineer are key to ensuring standards are on target and appropriate, and he has a great rapport with the trendsetters in the industry; bringing innovative, real-play tested experience to the table.”

Jurga replaces former board member Shaun Gilday, previously the senior manager, Innovation, Wilson Sporting Goods, who served on its board for four years.