The Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA), on behalf of American families, sent a letter to President Biden asking him to eliminate 301 Tariffs on kids’ shoes.

FDRA said supply chain costs are a factor, but duties have tripled on certain kid’s shoes and that cost magnification is causing price spikes that are higher than other consumer goods.

“Government import taxes now make up 30 percent of the price of certain types of children’s shoes at big-box retailers where most working-class families shop. This is the major reason why kids’ shoe price inflation is well above other basic goods,” read the letter. “With the added 301 Tariffs, the tariff rate doubled for certain children’s casual shoes and slippers, and it more than tripled for certain plastic sandals, wool slippers and infant crib shoes.

“Kids’ shoe prices have now reached the highest in over 70 years, causing massive sticker shock for those who can least afford it.”

FDRA noted that 99.5 percent of all kids’ shoes sold in the U.S. are imported. Kid’s shoe tariff rates, often start at 20 percent or 37.5 percent, and can now reach nearly 70 percent due to added 301 tariffs.

FDRA said, “While we know you cannot directly reduce our supply chain costs, you can directly help reduce disproportionate retail price spikes with a stroke of your pen. Eliminate 301 Tariffs on kids’ shoes. That would immediately help every family.”

To read FDRA’s letter to President Biden, go here.

Photo courtesy Nike Kid’s