Eco-conscious footwear brand Saola Shoes announced the addition of several experienced and respected independent sales reps, rounding out representation in all key U.S. regions. The sales squad will introduce their specialty retail partners to Saola’s Sustainable Kicks That Kick Back: recycled and organic shoes that give back to environmental projects.

Saola founder Guillaume Linossier spent the last year building this rep force to assure that each agency had the ideal experience and knowledge with footwear, the retailers in their region, emerging brands and enthusiasm for Saola’s mission-driven concept.

“Saola’s brand story and commitment to sustainability is why I was drawn to the brand,” said Brent Williams, president at Ohana Sales. “They’re taking shoe making to the next level, thinking ahead in terms of materials, design, packaging–all aspects of the business are being evaluated by these guys to be more environmentally friendly. Not to mention, they’re just really nice shoes.”

“My hope is that retailers will see Saola as a brand partner bringing them a new story to tell in their stores,” said Linossier. “It’s about more than a new pair of shoes. It’s about understanding that, as brands, we need to change the way we manufacture, and as consumers, change the way we buy.”

An outdoor industry veteran, Linossier looks forward to showing Saola to retailers at this summer’s Outdoor Retailer in the Venture Out section. “We all know the retail landscape has changed immensely in the digital age,” said Linossier. “But there are still so many quality retailers out there who create valuable customer experiences in their stores. Those are the shops we want to partner with.”

Retailers interested in learning more may contact the appropriate rep listed below or visit Saola at Outdoor Retailer – Booth VO438.

Pacific Northwest – Ohana sales, Brent Williams, 541.948.9481

CA + Southwest – Caraway and Co, Terry Imus, 970.980.5597

Rockies – Lost Creek Group, Mark Cohen, 720.645.0022

Midwest – Cody Prudoehl, 507.398.5141

New England – JCA sales, Jeff Church, 603.531.9888

Mid-Atlantic – Zimmerman Associates, Gerry Zimmerman, 914-490-7125

South East – Iron Mountain Sports Marketing, Kris Versteegen, 704-608-6980