The Running Industry Association (RIA) announced Thursday it is canceling the second annual RIA Kick Show in Denver, CO, on May 11-14 due to the coronavirus. RIA is formalizing plans to re-introduce the show in a digital format after conferring with several brands and retailers. Details will be released in April.

“After closely monitoring Covid-19 developments and reviewing guidance from the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), canceling the show is the right thing to do,” stated Terry Schalow, RIA executive director. “We are excited to explore platforms for an interactive, virtual show experience, but have put a temporary hold on planning so we can apply every resource at our disposal to support the run specialty community during this time of crisis.”

The RIA will be refunding registration fees for retailers or offering to put them towards future membership dues. They are also creating an online Covid-19 Resource Guide for retailers and brands with information to help them weather this storm. This will be live by March 25.

Photo courtesy RIA