In response to the coronavirus, consumers are purchasing ammunition at an unprecedented rate, according to a recent study by

The company’s data revealed a 276 percent ammunition sales surge on March 10 that continued through the end of last week and the weekend, when the “virus was declared a pandemic, travel bans were implemented, and the stock market experienced its biggest crash since 1987,” said the study,’s stats include:

  • 309 percent increase in revenue;
  • 78 percent increase in conversion rate;
  • 222 percent increase in transactions;
  • 77 percent increase in site traffic; and
  • 27 percent increase in average order.

Click here for the full report, including state-by-state and caliber breakdowns.

SGB Executive cited the rise in ammunition sales in the recent article, March 18 Coronavirus Update: A Few ‘Winners’ Emerge.

Photo courtesy AmmoLand