It won’t just be Cousin Eddie and his brood that will hit the road in their RV this holiday season.

The 2023 holiday season is expected to be one the busiest on record, with 122 million people or 63 percent of leisure travelers planning to travel between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Of those travelers, 20 million are planning to go RVing this holiday season, a 30 percent increase over 2022, according to recent survey data analyzed by the RV Industry Association (RVIA).

According to the recently released RVIA Holiday Travel Intentions Survey, the top reasons people plan to RVare the love of road trips, the desire to travel in comfort, interest in exploring the great outdoors, and the affordability of RV travel. With RV vacations costing up to 60 percent less than comparable hotel and plane ride trips, and a third less than hotel and car ride trips, RVing is seen an attractive option for people looking for the freedom to travel while also controlling their travel expenses, according to the RVIA.

The survey results indicated that another top reason people are choosing RV travel is their pets. RVIA said 60 percent of RVers are planning to bring their pets with them rather than boarding them over the holidays. Of those sharing the trip with their furry family members, 87 percent will travel with at least one dog and 52 percent will travel with at least one cat.RVIA found that 55 percent of RVers plan to take a trip within three hours of home, allowing for less time on the road and more time enjoying friends and family over the holidays. Millennials are more likely to stay closer to home with 61 percent planning a trip within 3 hours, while 43 percent of Boomer respondents said they are planning trips more than 16 hours from home.

Not all will hit the road though. 56 percent of those planning to use an RV this holiday season will park it at home and use it for guest accommodations, while 49 percent will use it as an extra kitchen for food prep and storage.

“With the rush and stress that comes with traditional travel the holidays, people are choosing RVing as a way to still travel and see friends and family but do so in a more relaxed and comfortable way,” says Craig Kirby, President & CEO of the RV Industry Association. “Whether using an RV for guests or bringing your pets along for the ride, RVing allows people to spend more quality time with those they love this holiday season.”

Infographics courtesy RVIA