The Reef Board Build-Off made its maiden appearance on the East Coast, this past weekend, as a dozen Florida shapers plus an honorary “13th” shaper raised more than $10,000 in a silent auction at Surf Expo.

As the shaper whose board raised the most money in the auction, Ricky Carroll was the ‘winner’ of the Board Build-Off and was presented with a $2,000 check from Reef at the end of the event.

When asked about winning, Carroll stated, “I felt like I put my heart and soul into this board and all I wanted to do was win to showcase my skills. I knew that I was going up against my peers in the industry and it was important for me to win.”

Carroll designed a 9’2 chambered Balsa wood board with western cedar stringers, a tail block, and beautiful hand carved art details on the deck. The board took over 80 hours to construct and was proudly sold for $2,800, to one of the Founders of the Eastern Surfing Association, David Reese.

“This board is a beautiful piece of workmanship. It really should be in a museum, but I will be happy to display it in my house,” said Reese.

All proceeds from the auction were donated to the Board Retailers Association and will be used to design and implement a nationally accredited retailer education program.

“This money will go to a new online education format, which will provide sales associates with an Action Sports Management Certification. The Board Retailers Association is just excited to be a part of this event and I think it is fantastic to have shapers involved and recognized,” said Roy Turner, President of Board Retailers Association.