Reebok is celebrating International Women’s Day by releasing a film featuring the strong females behind the brand.

Writer: Carly Terwilliger

The film was concepted, filmed, produced and edited by women only and features the following Reebok employees:

  • Denise Thomas – Head Coach, Reebok CrossFit One
  • Corinna Werkle – General Manager, Reebok Training
  • Judy Close – Design Manager, Reebok Running
  • Thy Doan – Graphic Designer, Reebok Graphic Tees (designer of the Reebok Nevertheless, She Persisted T-shirts)
  • Alison Smith – Copywriter

In addition, the following content is being shared across Reebok social channels and via an e-comm newsletter:

  • Five 60s videos highlighting each woman shared via the Reebok Twitter handle.
  • One 15s clip of “All Women Are…” shared on Reebok Instagram.
  • The YouTube video will be shared on Reebok Facebook.

Photo and video courtesy Reebok