Reebok dropped the 2.0 version of the brand’s
NPC UK “Cotton + Corn” this Summer. For Fall, Reebok is offering a Vegan option.

Reebok is not working off of the sustainability trend by making a corn-based shoe. The company believes it’s time they did the right thing for the environment.

In August Reebok launched the brand’s first sustainable sneaker made of organic Cotton with a sole made entirely of Corn. It’s not always a success when companies make sustainability a priority but Reebok is betting that the shift in consumer consciousness toward the greening of our environment will turn the trend in their favor.

The design of the sneaker is streamlined and clean and in a silhouette that Reebok knows their customer responds well to.  Made out of environmentally-friendly materials. the concept took more than five years to develop with recycling and compostability at the forefront of the conversation. With plastic consuming our landfills, no matter how you look at it, plastic remains plastic no matter if you recycle the material or not. You are not getting rid of the problem. And it’s estimated that 300 million sneakers a year end up in a landfill.

Replacing rubber and plastic with materials that naturally grow like corn was the goal when designing the shoe. The corn is fermented into a bio-based product eventually molded into a sole that feels and works like a rubber sole. The shoes are sustainable because of what they are made of.

Millennials want companies to have a social conscience and care about the environment. This week’s Vegan option of Reebok’s NPC UK “Cotton + Corn shoe means that customers can bury their shoes in their backyard or compost pile and watch their shoes decompost with no harm to the environment. Reebok has made a long-term commitment to create sustainable shoes and this is just the beginning.

Photos courtesy Reebok