Reda Sports Inc. shuttered its doors on Friday with no explanation and is revealing little about the future of the sporting goods distributorship or its Kappa, Patrick, uhlsport, and Lanzera brands. In a conversation with a local newspaper, CEO Scott Reda declined to say whether the business had been sold or why it closed.

The closure, which was said to be for an “indefinite period”, affects 70 workers at the company’s West Easton facility and a number of sales reps from around the country.

Asked what the workers knew about the company's situation, Reda responded to the the reported, “That we're closed.”

Reda would not tell the paper whether the company's customers had been notified of the closing. Reda has said in the past that it services more than 10,000 small retailers and dealers that were not able to buy direct from some of the biggest names in team sports.

The paper reached one Reda customer that they began experiencing communications difficulties with the company on Friday. The customer said his associate was told Friday afternoon by a Reda Sports representative that the firm was experiencing weather-related difficulties and could not access orders online. They then received a brief e-mail Monday afternoon from a Reda Sports accountant saying the company was out of business.

Attempts to reach the company have been unsuccessful.

Reda Sports was founded in 1985.