Innovative Scuba Concepts, Inc. and the CPSC are recalling approximately 170 HO110 Swivels for Scuba Regulators. The swivel, which is attached to a diving regulator, could separate while diving, resulting in a complete and sudden loss of the diver's air supply, causing the diver to engage in emergency ascent procedures. This poses a risk of decompression sickness due to rapid ascent, and air embolism or drowning if the diver panics or the emergency ascent procedure fails.

The firm has received one report where the swivel
separated during a dive and caused the diver to ascend using the buddy
breathing technique. No injury was reported.

The recall involves the HO110 Swivels sold as an
aftermarket regulator component. There are no markings such as a date or
production code embossed on the unit, but they were sold at specialty retail dive stores nationwide from January 2006
through March 2007 for about $40. They also could have been installed by
a dive shop regulator technician.