Rawlings Sporting Goods has signed a license agreement with Sting Free Technologies to use Sting Free on its baseball products.

Mr. Robert Vito, Chairman and CEO states, “The Rawlings partnership validates Sting Free's patented technology for sport applications. The reason for all the 'buzz' is that Sting Free is clinically proven to reduce vibrational energy and harmful impact shock (“HIS”) up to 80%, whereas typical foams and rubbers only absorb around 10% to 20%.” Sting Free(R) is thin, light and so versatile that the degree of shock absorption can be customized for any application. In addition, it can be any texture, shape or color. Mr. Vito is also an adjunct Professor at Penn State University in their MBA Program since 1993.

The Sting Free(R) formula was invented by two American medical doctors to help prevent injury and pain to joints, elbows, wrists, hands, feet and muscles. Dr. Thomas Falone, inventor of Sting Free(R) and Board member stated, “When the Sting Free(R) formula is properly calibrated and formed, the final product will absorb large amounts of energy, while feeling soft and pliable, yet remaining stable and ridged.”