Puma will open Puma Studio in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles in early 2025, a creative space that brings the brand’s design and marketing teams closer to influencers and celebrities to inspire product design and campaigns for the strategically important U.S. market.

Puma’s decision to open a creative space in LA is reportedly a strategic priority for the company to win in the United States. By tapping into the “rich ecosystem of creative and innovative professionals in LA,” the company said the Puma Studio would play an “important part in creating products and marketing activations that resonate with U.S. consumers.”

“Opening our Puma Studio in LA is an important strategic move for us as we seek to elevate our business in the United States,” said CEO Arne Freundt. “Our new home will allow us to attract the best talent in one of the most vibrant and creative cities globally to create great product propositions for the U.S. market.”

The company said that the Puma Studio would “offer an exciting environment that allows the company’s product, design and marketing teams to bring their creative ideas to life and complement Puma’s existing global and regional product teams located in Somerville, MA.”

In addition to the design and creative space, Puma Studio will feature a space for VIP clients to have exclusive access to Puma’s upcoming product collections.

Image courtesy Puma