PrimaLoft, Inc. reported brand adoptions of its PrimaLoft Insulation ThermoPlume this winter season.

ThermoPlume is made with “feather-like plumes of synthetic fibers designed to mimic natural goose down’s lightweight warmth, loft, softness, and compressibility for designers to create garments for consumers looking for a vegan alternative that delivers down properties with the performance characteristics of PrimaLoft synthetic insulation. 

ThermoPlume’s construction allows it to be blown through traditional down-blowing manufacturing equipment.

“ThermoPlume is the ethical response for brands looking to achieve the sought-after lofted look in garments without having to make many changes to internal manufacturing processes already in place.”, stated Tara Maurer-Mackay, SVP of Product at PrimaLoft. “It helps to simplify the supply chain, combat the volatility of down prices and provides consumers with peace of mind when it comes to the ethical sourcing of materials.”

The series includes three products:

  • PrimaLoft Black Insulation ThermoPlume—100 percent post-consumer recycled content;
  • PrimaLoft Silver Insulation ThermoPlume with Cross Core™technology—fuses insulation fibers with aerogel technology for lightweight warmth; and
  • PrimaLoft Black Insulation ThermoPlume Bio—uses 100 percent recycled content and enables synthetic insulation fibers to return to natural materials.

PrimaLoft converted both Black-level PrimaLoft ThermoPlume insulations to 100 percent recycled material while maintaining warmth and performance levels. In addition to repurposing polyester, using recycled material increases carbon savings compared to virgin polyester.

With more than “70 brand adoptions,” PrimaLoft ThermoPlume is one of PrimaLofts best-selling products in its portfolio. For FW2022/23, Nike, ALO Yoga, FP Movement, Helly Hansen, Montane, Vuori, Ecoalf, and others are using it.

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Photo courtesy PrimaLoft