Yniq Eyewear (Spoxury TR Group AB) announced that Vail Valley will be its North American headquarters and Progression Brands Group (PBG) as its North American operating partner.

The decision to locate to the Vail Valley comes at a time when being close to the retailer and consumer is most important to the brand. As its North American operating partner, PBG will focus on expanding its retail network, enhancing customer service and supporting the brand while elevating its online and DTC experience. With a team and showroom in the Vail Valley, PBG said it can react in real-time to the brand’s retail partners and consumers.

“Teaming up with Yniq is very exciting for us, the brand fits perfectly into our portfolio of emerging luxury sports brands,” said Ian Widmer, Progression Brands Group President and CEO. “Yniq’s design and technology story are an incredible asset to our industry at a time when we need newness, and we are proud to be a part of the brands’ journey.”

Mathias Ingvarsson, President of Yniq, said, “It goes without saying our most authentic and important team member for the brand’s worldwide image and growth is Lindsey Vonn. Teaming up with Progression Brands Group to further develop and execute the commercial growth strategy for North America is another step to strengthening our position in today’s’ largest consumer market in the world.”