Skratch Labs, the maker of performance nutrition, launched its limited-time Cookie Mix Sport Fuel, made with wheat flour, oats and brown cane sugar. The “throwback recipe allows anyone to create portable, homemade nutrition similar to most energy bars, but with no excess ingredients, more moisture and personalized to their tastes,” said the company.

Skratch Labs created the Cookie Mix in 2014 during the Tour of California when the company provided “human support for riders and their support staff.” At the time, “riders were served cookies for dessert and began asking for cookies during the race. Now, this throwback recipe offers that same fueling nutrition to anyone looking to take their dessert on their next ride, run or workout,” said the company.

“The best sports nutrition is the one you actually want to eat,” said Skratch Labs co-founder Dr. Allen Lim. “And who doesn’t love a good cookie? So we came up with a mix that can be easily combined with whatever flavors you want in your fuel and still offer the sustained energy needed to perform well during heavy exertion. This cookie mix makes it easy to get nutrition that’s simple, fresh, delicious, and homemade—exactly what you want when you’re going hard. And maybe even when you’re not going hard.”

Cookie Mix from Skratch Labs is sold dry in a base flavor for customizing with mix-ins, including chocolate chips, fruits or nuts. Add one stick of butter and an egg, or preferred vegan substitutes, and the batter is ready to bake. It is also made with non-GMO ingredients and is nut-free, dairy-free and kosher. 

Skratch Labs Cookie Mix Sport Fuel comes in a 13.9oz bag, which makes about 18 cookies. The limited-edition product will be available on August 25.