Ignik, the outdoor heating brand, will debut its MTN Collection in collaboration with artist and Canadian Backcountry guide Jessa Gilbert, featuring her artwork on the Gas Growler Deluxe, Backside Heated Seat Pads, and upcoming Topside Heated Blanket.

MTN collection from left to right: Topside Heated Blanket, Backside Heated Seat Pad, Backside Heated Seat Pad XL, Gas Growler Deluxe

Gilbert’s design features a continuous line of flowing mountains that emulates “experiences of exploring and finding the beauty in our surroundings with the ones we love – a passion that both the artist and the brand share,” said Ignik.

Ignik’s Creative Director Brandon Ramirez, said, “Ignik’s MTN Collection is designed to celebrate those who are continually drawn to the mountains, much like us, and are determined to pass down the outdoor lifestyle that we love to our kids.”

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