San Francisco (Nov. 28, 2023) – In a significant milestone, outdoor adventure brand Royal Robbins proudly announces its recent brand certification in the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), certified by Control Union 895314. Founded in 1968 by iconic climbers and conservationists, Liz and Royal Robbins, the brand has long been trusted and worn by climbers and those seeking a life of adventure. As one of the original U.S. outdoor brands, Royal Robbins has set the industry standard with a legacy of iconic styles made with natural and lower-impact fibers. 

The Responsible Wool Standard is a global standard that addresses the welfare of sheep and the land they graze on. The standard encompasses key principles, including ensuring the Five Freedoms of animal welfare and promoting responsible practices in land management and traceability throughout the supply chain.

In addition to ethically sourced merino wool, Royal Robbins styles are made with preferred and organic cotton, hemp, and Tenceltm Modal. Naturally-derived fibers were intuitively chosen in many of the brand’s original styles and have been integral throughout the line for over 55 years. They are durable, comfortable, and feel great on skin. 

By fall 2024, 59-percent of the brand’s styles will be made with majority natural and bio-based fibers, a 47-percent increase from fall 2023.

“As a brand deeply rooted in the outdoors, we recognize the importance of responsible and sustainable practices,” said Erik Burbank, global brand president at Royal Robbins. “Achieving RWS certification is yet another important step in our commitment to the environment and our focus on natural and sustainable fibers.”

In 2023, Royal Robbins went through the RWS certification process to allow the brand to formally track the chain of custody of its wool from fiber to final product. The certification process involved a rigorous assessment of Royal Robbins wool sourcing and production practices, conducted by an independent third-party certifier. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that Royal Robbins meets the stringent criteria outlined in the Responsible Wool Standard.

Royal Robbins remains committed to inspiring adventure while championing responsible materials sourcing. In addition to designing industry-leading adventure apparel made from natural fibers, the brand continues to reduce its impact across its entire product line. Royal Robbins is dedicated to transparency and regularly updates its stakeholders on progress and initiatives related to sustainability.

For more information about Royal Robbins and its commitment to responsible sourcing, please see our recent sustainability milestones at

*Tenceltm Modal fibers are mainly manufactured from beechwood, sourced from sustainable forest in Austria and neighboring countries. Beechwood forests are a natural and renewable source of raw material.