POC’s Dimension Avalanche Backpack integrates Recco technology with its Alpride E2 Electronic Airbag System. Combining the technologies created the “perfect tool for enhanced safety during backcountry adventures.”

Integrated into the Dimension backpack, the Recco reflector complements an avalanche transceiver adding a second layer of searchability. Rescuers can use a handheld or helicopter-mounted Recco Detector that detects the device on the Dimension backpack.

“Research shows that the best chance to avoid burial in an avalanche is with an avalanche airbag. We developed our most advanced backpack yet, the Dimension Avalanche Backpack, to create a convenient, practical, hassle-free system with zero compromises. And by integrating technology such as the embedded Recco reflector, which makes a user searchable to rescue teams, we are able to enhance the role of smart technology and add a layer of safety that does not need batteries or an internet connection,” said Johan Weman, technology exploration director at POC.

Besides the Alpride E2 Electronic Airbag System, the backpack offers a left or right-side height-adjustable airbag deployment handle, an airbag compartment with a burst-zipper, a fleeced goggle zip-pocket, a zip-pocket for valuables with a key clip, and a pouch for a first aid kit in the main compartment.

The backpack’s fluorescent orange color offers visibility during white-out, and materials and construction “guarantee lasting durability and absolute reliability.”

The collaboration between POC and Recco began with ski helmets 15 years ago. In 2015, POC became the first brand to integrate rescue reflectors in bike helmets after the introduction of the Recco SAR Helicopter Detector, created to find missing people year-round, extending the functionality of the Recco system.

Recco technology offers searchability to rescuers in case of burial in an avalanche or finding someone lost outdoors. The technology is based on a two-part radar system. Rescuers carry Recco detectors that send out search signals echoed by Recco reflectors carried by the user.

Recco detectors are used worldwide at over 900 ski resorts and mountain rescue organizations in 32 countries.

The Dimension Avalanche Backpack will be available worldwide in December 2022.

Photo courtesy POC