With the goal to reduce carbon emissions and be net zero by 2045, outdoor kid’s brand Isbjörn of Sweden saod its product range would be 100 percent PFAS-free for Fall/Winter 2023 and includes YKK zippers, which are fluorocarbon-free in both materials and trim.

Maria Frykman, CEO, Isbjörn of Sweden said, “In order to achieve reducing our CO2 emissions by at least 50 percent by 2033 and becoming net zero by 2045, we need to be fully circular. As well as using only recycled or biodegradable materials and working with renewable energy, becoming completely PFAS-free has also been a key objective for Isbjörn. We’ve worked with The Rudolf Group for many years, and its Bionic-Finish ECO fluorocarbon-free hydrophobic treatment has been an integral part of our outer products. By now also using only PFAS-Free YKK zippers, we can confirm all our products from Fall/Winter 2023 onwards will only use materials that do not release harmful fluorocarbons into the atmosphere.

“Being part of the outdoor and fashion industries, we have to do all we can to ensure the planet is still here to be enjoyed by future generations; this is why we’ve set our ambitious sustainability pledges, with a roadmap that makes a contribution to the UN’s 2050 1.5 degree Climate Commitment,” Frykman concluded.

Photo courtesy Isbjörn of Sweden