Phunkshun Wear, committed to sustainably manufacturing outdoor gear, introduces the Versa Headband.

Founded in 2011 in Denver, CO, Phunkshun Wear originally made gear to meet the needs of ski and snowboard instructors. The company has since built its reputation for developing lightweight balaclavas, protective neck tubes and headbands made from recycled bottles.

The Versa Headband is moisture-wicking due to its construction materials of Repreve Recycled Fibers and Sorbtek. Sorbtek is a specialty yarn that has permanent moisture management through proprietary catch-move release technology, allowing the band to wick sweat away up to “three times faster than other fibers.”

The Versa Headband is available in over 20 colors and patterns. 

“We pride ourselves in delivering high-performance, sustainable gear, and I can confidently say this is the highest performing, most sustainable, USA-made headband available,” said Phunkshun Wear CEO Jason Badgley.

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Photo courtesy Phunkshun Wear