San Francisco, CA (March 26, 2024) – Oru Kayak, the original origami kayak brand, is excited to announce an upgrade in their fleet of foldable boats: the Inlet Sport. Adapted from the fan-favorite Inlet kayak, the Inlet Sport introduces ergonomic features, an integrated rail system for accessories, and compatibility with Oru’s new skeg in the same compact, portable form. 

The Inlet originally debuted in 2019 and was notable for introducing a fully integrated floorboard and a new folding pattern, streamlining an intuitive box-to-boat assembly, ensuring stability and spatial efficiency, and reducing overall weight. 

The Inlet Sport refines these key features and upgrades the kayak’s utility for a more user-friendly, versatile boat. The adjustable backrest, adjustable footrest, gel seat upgrade, and open cockpit enhance comfort and mobility for the paddler. The integrated rail system allows paddlers to attach and adjust accessories and gear to the kayak, including fishing rod holders and camera mounts (sold separately). The Inlet Sport is also compatible with Oru’s new skeg – upgrading the kayak’s stability and tracking. 

“We are thrilled to announce our latest upgrades to the fan-favorite Inlet,” commented Oru Kayak CEO Ardy Sobhani, “The Inlet Sport’s compact design, recreational upgrades, and stability make it the perfect companion for fishing, camping, and backyard paddling adventures.”

With these significant upgrades, the Inlet Sport is still lightweight at only 23 lbs and folds down to the size of a suitcase. Including only two loose components, paddlers can assemble the Inlet Sport in 1-3 minutes. Constructed of Oru’s abrasion-resistant UV-treated corrugated plastic, OruPlast™, the kayak is durable for over 20,000 folds. These design elements allow the Inlet Sport to be stored, transported, and unfolded for paddling enjoyment in minutes, without struggling with a roof rack.

The Inlet Sport kayak is available for direct shipping. For more information, please visit: