Portland, OR, October 17, 2019 – OROS, the brand behind SOLARCORE – a ground-breaking insulation that incorporates aerogel, the least conductive material known to humankind – has recently been awarded a multi-million-dollar subcontract under a Other Transaction Authority prototype agreement (pOTA) from the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center (CCDC-SC) division of the US Department of Defense and Northeastern University’s Kostas Research Institute (KRI).

Effective immediately, the contract encompasses a 3-year partnership between OROS, Northeastern University and the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center (CCDC-SC) division of the US Department of Defense and will support OROS as they continue to engineer the best insulation on the planet.

“OROS has developed an R&D program that is unmatched in the industry. We have created this program with the sole focus of pioneering apparel and tech, so you can push your boundaries,” says Jeff Nash, CTO and VP of Product at OROS. By creating a proprietary technology that integrates aerogel, the same material NASA uses to insulate Mars Rovers, OROS has moved beyond what was previously thought possible in insulation tech.

“This contract will aid OROS’ R&D initiatives and help bring to life OROS’ next-generation insulation tech,” says Michael Markesbery, Co-founder & CEO of OROS, “we are honored to be awarded the contract, as we continue on our mission to pioneer insulation technology.”

At its core, OROS believes science moves the world forward. The team will continue to pioneer new technology that revolutionizes experiences in the outdoors and encourages explorers to find their beyond.

Approved For Public Release:  CCDC SC – POA # U19-1578

About OROS: Established in 2015, OROS was born out of the desire to create pioneering apparel and technology. With an unmatched focus on material science and proprietary technology that incorporates aerogel – the same insulation utilized by NASA to insulate space shuttles – OROS developed a breathable and durable material known as SOLARCORE. By integrating aerogel, the least conductive solid known to humankind, SOLARCORE provides unparalleled insulation, in just 2mm; a giant leap for technical outdoor apparel. With the belief that science moves the world forward, OROS is rethinking the realm of possible in outdoor gear, so you can push your boundaries. For more information on OROS, visit orosapparel.com.