Nomadix, maker of The Only Towel You Need, made from post-consumer recycled plastics, announced that it is Climate Neutral Certified.

“We have been developing products with post-consumer recycled materials and keeping our footprint as low as possible with minimalist packaging,” said Founder and CEO Zack Helminiak. “But the moment calls for all companies to also offset emissions and make a collective commitment to a better future. The whole Nomadix team is celebrating our much anticipated Carbon Neutrality this Earth Day.”

Nomadix achieved Climate Neutral Certification by measuring its 2021 greenhouse gas emissions, purchasing eligible verified carbon credits to offset its footprint and implementing plans to reduce emissions. In 2021, Nomadix offset 3,892 metric tons of CO2 emissions with the help of two partner organizations, BEF and to support renewable energy and forestry projects.

Nomadix also announced its Road Map to Sustainability, reflecting itss commitment to further action toward positive environmental change. The Road Map includes three action items for change: reduce air freight shipping emissions by 50 percent in the next two years, transition to at least 50 percent renewable energy at its headquarters, office and warehouse, and remove 100 percent of virgin plastic from production.

“Since the brand’s inception, Nomadix has been inextricably tied to the health and sustainability of the planet, and becoming certified was very important to us,” said Mia Helminiak, director of community engagement for Nomadix. “We believe in Climate Neutral’s mission of taking action now to solve a problem we understand to be an urgent threat.”