With the objective of developing the highest performing moisture management fabrics that relieve the apparel industry’s dependence on chemical wicking finishes, NexTex Innovations and Optimer Brands partnered to launch its TurboDry drirelease Wool fabric collection.

TurboDry drirelease fabrics incorporate a patented technology at the fiber and fabric level that focuses to wick moisture from the skin to the outside of the face fabric. “This is one of the first times that two branded technologies from different companies have partnered to help accomplish the mission of reducing the dependency of chemical wicking finishes while enhancing comfort performance,” said Chad Lawrence, CEO, NexTex Innovations. “Our combined decades of experience in fiber and fabric development will help accelerate the adoption of more sustainable fabric solutions.”

The process begins at the yarn level using drirelease’s engineered blend of fibers, which uses the natural and permanent properties of its recipe of fibers to optimize wicking, fast drying and natural aesthetics. TurboDry powers the moisture movement further through capillary forces engineered into the fabric through a series of processing and construction techniques during the knitting process. Combining the yarn and fabric technologies produces sustainable moisture-managing fabrics.

From a life cycle assessment evaluation, TurboDry drirelease fabrics reduce the Higg Index material score through the following:

  1. reduction of chemical usage;
  2. ability to use sustainable materials, including recycled polyester and nylon, RWS wool, BCO Cotton, and organic cotton;
  3. the permanence of the one-way moisture performance for the life of the product; and
  4. leverage of bluesign and Okeo-tex supply chains.

According to NexTex, the one-way moisture transfer in these fabrics “leaves wearers drier next to the skin and improves upon dry rates compared to fabrics of similar content, weight, and construction.”

Photo courtesy NexTex Innovations x Optimer Brands