Ignik wants to make sure cold weather doesn’t stop you, or your devices, in your tracks this winter. The emerging Seattle-based brand proudly announces the addition of Air Activated Warmers to its catalog of high quality, environmentally thoughtful heating products for the outdoors.

Ignik warmers

Warmers available in four styles

Founded with the goal of offering sustainable alternatives for portable outdoor heat, Ignik came on the scene this fall with its innovative Gas Growler, a refillable, zero-waste solution that provides five times the heating and cooking power of one single-use green propane bottle. Now, the brand introduces a line of Air Activated Warmers for people and devices, all made from 98% biodegradable materials.

“We are really excited to launch our line of Air Activated Warmers and finally bring some innovation to this category,” says Peter Pontano, Director of Marketing and Product Development with Ignik. “We’ve all used those disposable hand warmers at some point, but don’t know what to do with them after they run out of heat except throw them away. Our warmers are powered by an all-natural reaction, making the contents biodegradable and easily compostable – just cut off the top and pour the mixture into your garden or compost bin. Another innovation is the application of Phone and Device warmers. Our devices’ batteries get zapped when we are out in the cold. Now you can stick a warmer to your phone, put it in your pocket, and prolong the life of your battery charge while you’re out.”

Both the Warmers for Humans and Warmers for Devices have a patent-pending temperature regulation system that allows the user to adjust the air flow, extending the warmer’s life during use or conserving heat to use later. For fast heat, remove the warmer from its pouch, shake, and enjoy comforting heat in about five minutes. For longer-lasting heat, remove and shake the warmer, then put it back in its pouch – the warmer will last all day. You can also save one for later in the resealable, reusable temperature regulation envelope. Available in four styles, the warmers are safe, natural, and offer hours of industry-leading heat output.

Ignik’s Air Activated Warmers are available now. To learn more, visit Ignik.com or contact Suzanne Hermann at suzanne@darbycommunications.com.