Seattle, WA, July 30, 2020— Seattle-based Mountain Safety Research® (MSR®), the high-performance outdoor equipment brand and leader in water treatment science, is excited to announce the launch of the Guardian™ Gravity Purifier for spring 2021. The Guardian™ Gravity Purifier is a state-of-the-art, versatile, high-volume water purifier—and the only gravity purifier on the market that meets the rigorous NSF protocol P248 military testing standard. It’s also the only gravity purifier to offer that level of protection with such a fast flow rate, delivering 1 liter in 2 minutes, which is 2.5 times faster than the next closest competitor.

Using the advanced hollow fiber technology of MSR’s award-winning Guardian Pump, this gravity-powered sibling features two-stage purification: a .02 micron hollow fiber membrane that removes viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and particulate; and activated carbon to reduce chemicals, tastes and odors. Both the original Guardian™ Pump and new Guardian™ Gravity Purifier stand out because they remove not just bacteria and protozoa, but the tiniest waterborne pathogens—viruses—as well, which are of greater concern as more and more people visit the backcountry with less regard for their waste. With the new Guardian™ Gravity Purifier you get this high level of protection in a high-volume, versatile, convenient system that serves all of your daily water needs quickly and easily.

The Guardian™ Gravity Purifier meets the rigorous NSF Protocol P248 testing standard used by the U.S. military, which is the strictest scientific standard for verifying that a device safely removes microbiological threats from all types of backcountry water. Furthermore, because MSR has an in-house lab, all filters and purifiers are able to be tested throughout different stages of production, in different user scenarios, and before each and every product goes out the door.

“The Guardian Pump Purifier launched in 2016 and was the first water purifier to bring advanced technology originally developed for the US military to backpackers, international travelers, and those stocking emergency kits,” said Sarah Courtney, MSR Category Manager – Snow and Water Products. “The original Guardian took six years of research and development with MSR’s in-house water laboratory and in collaboration with the U.S. military, and has won over 15 awards over the years thanks to its unrivaled protection, advanced military-grade technology and super-fast flow rate. The new Guardian Gravity Purifier features a high-enough flow rate for purifying water quickly via a convenient gravity system, as well as fibers designed small enough to block viruses – a true engineering feat!”

Great for backpacking groups, as well as adventure travelers seeking to avoid bottled water, this USA-made gravity purifier features a 10-liter collection bag that fills easily at both sinks and wild sources, and a rugged, compact construction that travels well in carry-on luggage and smaller packs. It also includes a universal bottle adaptor, making it versatile for use with any bottle, and a compact premium zipper carry case. Finally, no backflushing is necessary: simply open the integrated purge valve and quickly flush the system to clean and maintain its flow. 

 THE SPECS –        

  • FLOW RATE: 1 liter/2 minutes
  • CAPACITY: up to 3,000 liters
  • WEIGHT: 18.7 oz

The Guardian™ Gravity Purifier will launch to the public starting January 1, 2021. For more information about the Guardian™ Gravity Purifier and to see how it works, check out this video:

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