Mission Workshop (MW) and Afterschool Projects (ASP) created a collection of apparel and packs that meld MWs knowledge in technical materials with ASP’s playfulness.

Together the companies discovered a process to tie-dye X-Pac fabric from Dimension Polyant. The result are three camouflage-inspired dyes—Inyo, Mojave, and Hippie.

The nexus of their collaboration is the Speedwell Backpack, blending DNA from ASP’s Rucksack and MW’s Hauser pack with new design features to create the next iteration. The collection includes matching Sacoche EDC accessory bags, ASP’s utility shorts made from MW Jean fabric, tie-dyed t-shirts, and two limited-edition water bottles that fit into the Speedwell pack.

The X-Pac fabric was tie-dyed by hand.

ASP takes its design inspiration from the streets in LA where the brand is headquartered, combined with USA-made bags and apparel. Mission Workshop, located in the Mission District of San Francisco, creates utilitarian bags and tailored clothing from performance fabrics.

For more product information, go to AfterschoolProjects.com and missionworkshop.com.