Kryptonite, a producer of chains, cables, u-locks, folding locks, flexible security systems, and lights for the bike industry, launched new locks to help e-bike owners keep their investment secure in different situations. 

Its Kryptolok 610 S Folding Lock, with options including the Kryptonite Ring Lock and Plug-In Chain locks, provides e-bike owners with convenient and reliable security options.

The Kryptolok 610 S is a compact, foldable, portable lock that extends from 21cm to be 100cm. Weighing 2.65 lbs., the device is foldable to a 2.5″ x 8.5″ x 1.5″ rectangle. The lock is frame mountable using Kryptolok’s Click Bracket or stoweable in a small bag for easy carry.

The Kryptolok 610 S comes with two keys and features a rubber coating over its 5mm hardened steel links that protect the e-bike’s frame from paint damage when in use. Its Click Bracket mount was designed for added convenience so that the Kryptolok 610 S can be attached or removed whether the user is grabbing it from the top, front or side. The Kryptolok 610 S rounds out Kryptonite’s existing e-bike security offerings, including a variety of chains, folding locks, u-locks, and ring locks with plug-ins.

For owners of e-bikes with a drop-tube design, Kryptonite’s existing e-bike security options are its 9mm Plug-In Chain, which secures an e-bike for an extended period. The 9mm steel chain is 120cm long, providing ample length for securing an e-bike to a fixed object before plugging into a Kryptonite Ring Lock. The Ring Lock is semi-permanent in design and stays mounted to the frame when not in use.

 For a heightened level of security, Kryptonite offers its Evolution 1090. The 10mm six-sided chain links are made from 3T manganese steel and incorporate a high-security disc-style cylinder that is pick and drill resistant. The Evolution 1090 also includes an end link design that secures the chain directly to the hardened deadbolt, eliminating many chain-style locks’ critical vulnerability.

 “There isn’t a one-size-fits-all in terms of what works best with bicycle security. Different cyclists will have different needs, and that extends to e-bike riders. With the new Kryptolok 610 S, we’re offering an innovative and convenient option for e-bike owners, complementing our other products for times when a more robust level of security is important. For e-bike owners and other cyclists, Kryptonite has multiple levels of security options for whether a rider needs to make a quick stop or leave their e-bike unattended for a longer period,” said Daryl Slater, Kryptonite brand manager.

 The Kryptolok 610 S has received Varefakta and Sold Secure approvals, two international organizations testing security products. Both locks are also eligible for Kryptonite’s Anti-Theft Protection Offer (ATPO), a program that reimburses registered customers for a specific monetary amount if a bicycle is stolen due to the opening or breaking of the lock by force. It is also eligible for Kryptonite’s Key Safe Program, which will replace lost keys for free when a cyclist registers their lock on Kryptonite’s website.

 All Kryptonite locks come with a lifetime warranty. For more product information, go here