Hibear has released its All-Day Adventure Flask, an insulated utility bottle for water to cocktails.

The Flask is built for “specialty retailers who want to offer an artistic hydration vessel with functionality for coffee and cocktail lovers, van lifers, weekend warriors, and the like,” said the brand.

Hibear supports independent artists with each bottle’s under-sleeve artwork including the Seven Summits design featured on the Pow Day and Night Hike. The artwork on the base of the bottle is protected by a silicone sleeve that shields it from small drops and is removable to double as a mug. Its vacuum-insulated shell, made from kitchen-grade stainless steel, makes the bottle sustainable and nonabsorbent of flavors. It opens easy for clean-up and eliminates the need for a bottle brush. Inside is a 355ml 130µ stainless steel filter for infusions, tea and cold brew. There is a strainer for shaking cocktails and a steel thermal core to keep drinks cold without diluting them with ice. The lid inverts to make pour-over coffee.

Hibear’s All-Day Adventure Flask is available in Pow Day, Night Hike and Dawn Patrol.

Photo courtesy Hibear