London-based streetwear label Maharishi and German outdoor gear company Heimplanet partnered to create the Golden Tigerstripe Camouflage, a limited-edition inflatable tent.

Maharishi reproduced a rare Tigerstripe camouflage pattern dubbed “Golden Tigerskins,” which originated in Vietnam during the 1960s, and calls it the Golden Tigerstripe Camouflage, and used it to line the walls on the inside of the tent rather than the exterior, to allow the exterior material to be “invisible” in celebration of nature’s ability to camouflage.

Heimplant’s The Cave model was used for the tent’s construction in an olive green tone, constructed in a geodesic dome and used to withstand harsh conditions by explorers worldwide. The Cave’s inflatable structure can be set up in less than one minute.

“We are thrilled to be working with Heimplanet on this exciting project,” said Maharishi founder Hardy Blechman. “The collaboration tent is a perfect blend of style and function and a representation of our shared values of innovation, quality and sustainability. We are confident that it will be a hit with outdoor enthusiasts and fashion-conscious campers alike.”

Heimplanet CEO, Stefan Clauss, added, “We are honored to be partnering with Maharishi on this project. Their work in the field of camouflage patterns is truly innovative and has inspired us in the past while inventing our own camouflage pattern, “Cairo Camo.” We are excited to bring Maharishi’s aesthetic to our camping gear. Their expertise in camouflage patterns, combined with our innovative tent design, makes for a truly unique and functional product.”

The Heimplanet x Maharishi limited edition tent is available on the Maharishi and Heimplanet websites.

Photo courtesy Maharishi x Heimplanet