KUIU announced the release of its updated Kenai Series of insulation layers. This line is the brand’s “most technically advanced synthetic insulation layer, designed for active use during strenuous mountain activities.”

The updates provided by the brand include “DWR 3DeFX+ active insulation for increased warmth and water resistance and an updated face fabric that features a new quilt-free design, eliminating unnecessary stitch holes to maintain durability, wind resistance and water resistance, making the Kenai the perfect insulation option for high-output cold-weather activities,” said KUIU.

“Our team is proud to introduce the updated Kenai line for this fall hunting season. By working with Toray, we developed the DWR 3DeFX+ creating the most breathable active insulation on the market,” said Kevin Wilkerson, senior director of brand marketing, KUIU.  “As with all KUIU gear, this group of products has gone through countless hours of research and product testing to ensure that this gear is the best on the market for high-output cold hunting scenarios.”

KUIU continued: “The updated Kenai collection is designed for active cold-weather hunts during mid- to late-season. It keeps the wearer warm in cold temperatures while providing necessary breathability to prevent overheating during active use. The combination of the fabric and hardware technology with the Toray DWR 3DeFX+ insulation and 30D Stunner stretch nylon face fabric provides additional loft and warmth to allow the insulation to breathe at a higher rate in keeping the user dryer, warmer and more comfortable during long climbs.

“Integrated with technical features for high-performance cold weather hunting, the Kenai Collection includes insulation mapping to position higher insulation around your core for warmth and lighter insulation on the sides and arms for improved range of motion. Finally, while not in use, the Kenai Series is completely packable by self-stowing in either interior drop pockets for ultimate portability.”

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Photo courtesy KUIU