Munich (Dec. 5, 2023) Houdini Sportswear, the global circular outdoor company, amplified its sustainability commitment at ISPO 2023 previewing its 2023 Planetary Boundaries Assessment due in Q1 2024. Houdini challenges other brands to do better for the planet. The company debuted a collaboration with long term partner Polartec, a garment series with next generation Polartec Power Shield, a 3-layer shell fabric made with Biolon, a renewable, non-GMO plant-based nylon.

Houdini shared highlights from its 2023 Planetary Boundaries research assessing the health of the planet over time. Since 2015, Houdini has worked with earth system scientists from Stockholm Resilience Center/Alba Eco, known for research on sustainability science, resilience and social-ecological systems. Houdini explored nine aspects of environmental impact: Climate Change, Novel Entities, Stratospheric Ozone Depletion, Atmospheric Aerosol Loading, Ocean Acidification, Biochemical Flows, Fresh Water Use, Land System Change and Biosphere Integrity. 

Houdini CEO Eva Karlsson noted, “The 2023 findings are abysmal. It was the first time all nine planetary boundaries could be analyzed. Research concluded that an alarming six out of nine boundaries have been breached. With the exception of the Stratospheric Ozone Boundary, we are moving in the wrong direction. Novel Entities, the boundary that assesses levels of chemical pollution, including micro plastics and hazardous chemicals like PFAS, is the boundary breached the furthest. Chemical pollution, from hazardous chemicals like PFCs and PFAS used in certain waterproof/breathable membranes and conventional DWR-treatments, causes large-scale disturbances in ecosystems and species, including humans.” 

“We are using world-leading science to evaluate all aspects of the impact our business has on our planet’s ecosystems,” Karlsson continued. “It’s a very tangible way for us to improve and show our love and respect for nature. Outdoor companies have the power to change their ways, to phase out toxic chemicals such as PFAS, in favor of planet-compatible alternatives. We can and should all do better.”

Houdini’s new shell collaboration features Polartec Next Generation Shell Layers with a 50 percent lower carbon footprint than virgin Nylon 6.6 and a reduced reliance on fossil resources. Measuring at 20.000 mm H2O and 20.000 g/m²/24h, the weather protection and breathability places the garments head-to-head with other high performance shell layers on the market. 

“What really makes the difference though, is how it feels to wear it,” said Jesper Danielsson, Houdini chief product officer. “The light, smooth and incredibly strong garments follow the wearer’s every move and take shell layer comfort to a new level. This shell layer series is currently in the prototype field testing phase and will be perfected in 2024.”

“We believe that leaving the world a better place than we found it is a responsibility for everyone,” said Ramesh Kesh, senior vice president and business manager Polartec/government defense business unit at Milliken and Company. ”The launch of Biolon Nylon based fabrics marks an important step in that journey. For a long time, many thought that more sustainable options meant a loss in performance, like durability, Polartec has proved that this is not the case.”


Media Contact: Alex Goldman
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