November 30, 2023 (Poulsbo, WA) — Grundéns, producer of the world’s leading fishing apparel and footwear, today announces new Vela packaging for its complete apparel line, improving upon its previous bio-degradable packaging. Vela bags are weather resistant, durable, FSC certified paper bags that are curbside recyclable.

Each year, 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide with only 1% of those being recycled. Many of the rest end up in the world’s oceans, where it’s estimated that there will be more plastics than fish by 2050. By switching to Vela Bags, Grundéns makes it easier for consumers to recycle their packaging, improving upon the current biodegradable bags.

“At Grundéns, we view our approach to sustainability as a continuous journey, with incremental steps being taken to help us reduce our overall carbon footprint. One important step was partnering with Vela to ensure all our apparel comes in recyclable packaging,” says Ash Williams VP Marketing. “The new Vela bags are transparent so consumers can see the products and with the ability to place these bags in curb side recycling, it means we’re giving consumers the ability to upcycle packaging rather than putting them in the trash.”

A major step forward in using Vela bags is the FSC Certified paper source is grown and the bags produced in the region Grundens manufactures its products, reducing the overall carbon footprint both in production and shipping of packaging. They are also weather resistant and durable enough to withstand transportation through the supply chain.

This new packaging project is intended to be open source, with information about the supplier printed on the packaging itself. Grundéns encourages other brands to follow suit and eliminate single use plastic bags from their supply chains by using solutions such as recyclable packaging. Information on Vela bags can be found at