Isbjörn of Sweden has signed an agreement with Streamify to develop a pilot for live video shopping in Europe.

Popular in Asia, the Chinese trend is growing in Europe, and “Swedish retail has started to get the hang of it,” said Streamify CEO Johan Klitkou. “Live video shopping became popular in China at the beginning of the pandemic, and today generates around $200 billion a year, equivalent to 15-to-20 percent of China’s e-commerce. The phenomenon is also now growing rapidly in Sweden and several Swedish retail chains and brands, including Isbjörn, have embraced the live shopping trend, continued Klitkou.

“This is a natural step for us as our e-commerce is a vital channel for Isbjörn, and we want to be at the forefront of the latest retail possibilities. Our customers are environmentally conscious parents who want sustainable and purposeful clothes,” said Isbjörn of Sweden’s founder and CEO Maria Frykman.

Isbjörn’s collaboration with Streamify means, in addition to the use of its platform, the brand is finding new ways to reach its target customer.

“We want to present the clothes in their natural environment outdoors and being worn by active kids who love different outdoor activities, which gives a completely different dimension to being inspired and understanding the function of our garments. We believe that live video shopping will create greater engagement with our end consumer,” continued Frykman.

Live video shopping has had an impact in Sweden with the potential to develop further. “There are still areas of improvement, both in terms of predicting a long-term effect of live video shopping and how the customer can develop the live broadcast itself. Isbjörn of Sweden wants to give its customers both inspiration and information when they shop. It is a great start to our partnership,” said Klitkou.

Photo courtesy Isbjörn of Sweden