Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. (Aetrex), announced its Albert 3DFit foot scanner is available for all retailers.

This scanner can calculate a customer’s 3D foot measurements in less than 10 seconds with an accuracy up to 1 millimeter. It features Aetrex’s FitGenius AI platform, which matches customers’ unique foot profiles with their ideal footwear styles and sizes and personalized footwear recommendations that can be accessed across a retailer’s digital shopping platforms after leaving the store.

“Recent studies have shown that 25% of consumers would like to experience a fit technology when shopping for footwear. Albert 3DFit helps retailers of all sizes address this need,” said Kumar Rajan, VP, Technology, Aetrex. “Having the industry’s largest technology development team, we were able to use our vast experiences, coupled with our ability to engineer our own hardware and software, to develop an innovative 3DFit experience that’s affordable for all interested retailers.”

Albert 3DFit can guide customers through the scanning process manually by using a tablet, or touch-free, with voice activation technology. After leaving the store, users can leverage the software’s FitGenius feature to view and shop footwear styles that work best for their feet, whether shopping on a personal computer or phone.

“The FitGenuis technology plug-in allows retailers to easily integrate the shoe recommendation software into their website or across their email blasts and social media. Each shoe is assigned a FitGenius score so customers can ensure the right fit on the first try when buying online, reducing their returns,” said Larry Schwartz, CEO, Aetrex.

The Albert 3DFit scanner also provides retailers with data that they can use to optimize key areas of their business, including marketing, store performance, product planning, and development. Retailers can then use the collected data to develop targeted digital marketing messages to customers based on their unique foot profiles to create an uptick in engagement and conversation rates.

Since the inception of Aetrex’s foot scanning technology in 2002, the company has “placed over 10,000 scanners globally, averaging a total of 2.5 million scans per year and 40 million scans total,” said Aetrex. To build on this momentum, Aetrex will also launch its new mobile app for at-home foot sizing and footwear recommendations later this year.

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Photo courtesy Aetrex