Grayl, the maker of water purifiers built for us in the backcountry, introduced its first titanium water filter and purifier bottle. The 16.9fl oz UltraPress Titanium Bottle delivers “strength-to-weight ratio, long-lasting durability, and multifunctionality not found in other water filter bottles.”

The bottle uses Grayl’s patented “press-to-purify technology to remove all global waterborne pathogens (virus, bacteria, protozoa) and filter out heavy metals and chemicals, including lead and PFAS.”

Manufactured with CP4 Grade 1 gauge titanium, the UltraPress Ti “withstands the demands of backcountry use.” Equipped with retractable butterfly handles, the Outer Ti Cup can be used to heat water or cook food on hot coals or a backpacking stove. A micro D-ring collects hard-to-reach water with a paracord.

The UltraPress Ti is “the first outdoor water filter to be electrolyte ready.” A silicone one-way valve, pre-installed in the cartridge, allows electrolytes or a sports drink mix to be added to the water without “compromising the integrity of the filter media—a feature no other drink-thru filter bottle can deliver.” It can be used to carry various liquids, from performance drinks to a camp cocktail, providing “customers greater functionality beyond just purifying water.”

“Titanium is amazing; it is tough, lightweight, fire safe, and accommodates welds,” said Travis Merrigan, co-founder and VP of product for Grayl. “Our challenge was to utilize titanium’s unique characteristics in the most useful piece of equipment you carry in your pack, and we believe we’ve done that. Additionally, being able to incorporate a one-way valve to mix electrolytes right in the purifier bottle will empower adventure athletes to perform better and recover faster. We’re incredibly proud of the UltraPress Ti and all it has to offer.”

Grayl also released a collection of titanium campware, including an ultralight backpacking stove and laser-etched dining set, which includes a deep dish plate, bowl and 3-in-1 spork. 

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