Excalibur introduced its TwinStrike with DualFire technology, the first crossbow to feature the ability to fire two locked and loaded arrows in milliseconds. The TwinStrike provides the opportunity to have the second shot without needing to reload.

The TwinStrike consists of three key components:

  1. Two-Trigger Platform with double, independent match-grade four-pound frictionless triggers. The front trigger fires the top rail, the back trigger fires the bottom rail with a quick follow-up second shot, within milliseconds.
  2. CeaseFire Technology ensures the crossbow will not fire unless an arrow is loaded. Works in conjunction with Excalibur’s Rhino Nock. Reinforced safety and additional anti dry-fire insurance.
  3. Over/Under Balanced Rail System featuring an external Charger EXT engineered to provide double arrow accuracy at 50 yards, with 1.5-inch groups below and beyond 50 yards. Compact over/under setup combined with a shoot through the riser for increased consistency and accuracy.

“As hunters first, we at Excalibur want to ensure our fellow hunters have every opportunity possible to be successful,” said Excalibur Director of Marketing Jeff Suiter. This goes beyond the ability to have a second arrow if things go wrong. The TwinStrike is perfect for scenarios where you may have two shot opportunities at once, as well as game management hunts. With the TwinStrike there really is zero reasons to choose anything less”

The TwinStrike gives the hunter an instant second shot and produces a fast speed of 360 feet-per-second. It is balanced and compact. The TwinStrike features industry-leading accessories including Excalibur’s Rebolt Quiver and Overwatch Scope.

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