With the Pro Hunter HD, the marksman has all the features of the Ascent Verdict, but with the Pro Pin. The addition of the Pro Pin provides a narrower pin throat that ends in a round pinhead. This smaller throat allows for less target obstruction and a more defined aiming point.

Engineered for what hunters asked for—precision pinpoint accuracy with lightweight maneuverability.

“The HD in Pro Hunter HD means Hunter Defined. We rely on feedback from consumers who are in the field, day in and day out using our products. The Pro Hunter HD is a result of that feedback,” said Todd Snader, Brand Manager, Black Gold Sights

In addition to the Pro Pin, the Pro Hunter HD features micro-adjust first, second and third axis adjustability. It is available in the Pro X Base or four-inch Wing Truss. As with all sights in the Pro Series, it is constructed from a 6061 aluminum design and comes with Black Gold’s unconditional guarantee.

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