Aguadilla, Puerto Rico ( May 8, 2024) — Lift Foils, industry-forging creators and developers of eFoils, surf foils, and foiling equipment, today launches BlowFish, an inflatable add-on accessory compatible with Lift foil boards that revolutionizes user experience for riders of all levels.

Blowfish is the ultimate eFoil adventure accessory, providing additional utility and substantially lowering the overall learning curve – all without hindering the performance of a hard board eFoil. The inflatable liner can be attached to a Lift Foil board to provide the user with greater buoyancy when the motor isn’t active. For a beginner, having a floating board makes an eFoil far more approachable by providing greater stability and making the learning process far more forgiving.

For a more experienced user, Blowfish adds a new dimension to eFoiling. A Lift eFoil can now serve as a tool for granting motorized access to a favorite fishing or snorkeling spot, and allows the user to spend longer on the water by allowing the rider to rest easier  thanks to the added buoyancy.

“We are on a never-ending journey to improve and enhance the experience of our riders, and Blowfish is an absolute revolution in how people see and use their eFoils” said Bill Fisher, CBMO of Lift Foils. “We developed the eFoil to make people fly on the water, andBlowfish serves as a set of training wheels to  give more people that  opportunity to enjoy such a singular experience, while granting unrealized utility to our more experienced users.” 

Blowfish is available in two sizes that are compatible with Lift’s 4’9 and 5’4 Lift3, Lift 3F, and Lift 4 eFoil board, and will increase the volume of the boards by as much as 74%. Its outer shell is constructed with flexible, water and weather-resistant materials, and features a drop stitch construction for maximum durability. 

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