Work Sharp Sharpeners, the industry-leading manufacturer of knife and tool sharpeners, today introduced the new Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener MK2 sharpening system. Building on the successful and time-tested Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener, the Ken Onion MK.2 will be offered as a stand-alone sharpener or as an Elite package that will include the base sharpener along with a fully featured blade grinding attachment.

“The Ken Onion Edition Knife and Tool Sharpener has faithfully served hundreds of thousands of customers for a decade now and while we’re proud of the service this product has delivered, it was time for a refresh,” says Product Line Manager Steve Baker. “Relying on our experience, as well as years of customer feedback, we went back to the drawing board to collaborate with Ken Onion again to modify and improve on the products’ existing form. We’re excited about the result and are confident that the Ken Onion MK.2 will deliver on our promise of performance, value, and reliability.”

The Ken Onion MK.2 features a fresh new look and improved ergonomics to make the sharpener feel better in the hand during use. A new motor speed control offers seven pre-set speed settings to provide a consistent and repeatable sharpening experience, while the sharpener’s new torque control delivers consistent power, even under load. Featured prominently on the top of the Ken Onion MK.2, amber LED indicator lights make selecting belt speed fast and easy.

The Ken Onion MK.2 sharpening guide now features a scope click adjustment knob. Detent clicks, in half degree increments from 15 to 30 degrees along the dial, allow for improved precision, consistency, and repeatability, meaning users get the exact same edge angle every time they sharpen.

New leather lined angle guides offer protection for knives during sharpening, while the sharpener’s improved guide design allows for knives with thumb studs. Users will also note a lock out belt tensioner on the sharpening cassette that helps make changing abrasive belts fast and simple. The Ken Onion MK.2 will come with five grits to accommodate the full spectrum of sharpening from repair to ultra-fine polishing.

The Ken Onion MK.2  Elite Sharpening System includes the standard triangle cassette sharpener along with a complementary blade grinding attachment for those who want to elevate their sharpening game. It’s built on a rigid metal chassis designed to offer a stable platform and features metal components throughout that are engineered to last

The redesigned MK.2 blade grinding attachment quickly and easily mounts to the MK.2 power base without tools or calibration.  Once attached, the grinder boasts on-the-fly motor speed control and continuous run time with LED indicator lights that make selecting belt speed fast and easy.

An adjustable, three-position convex pulley system allows users to customize their grind profile depending on personal preference or the type of knives being sharpened. Grind profiles can be set to low, medium, or high convex quickly and easily, again without tools. An angle adjustment knob, now located in a more visible position, makes setting grind angles faster and easier than ever. At the turn of the knob users can rotate the dial anywhere from 10 and 30 degrees to set their preferred angle and can even make precise adjustments while the machine is running.

Reference plates located at the base of the machine and again near the top, with an adjustable reference plate, help users to hold knives level while sharpening. These guides are designed to help deliver consistent results while sharpening and build confidence in less seasoned users.

Both Ken Onion MK.2 packages include a graphic user guide along with a quick start guide to help users understand and operate the sharpener successfully. Guides include details on which abrasives to use and when, as well as angle and speed settings for sharpening various knives and tools.

Work Sharp and industry icon Ken Onion have been collaborating on product innovations since 2012. States Ken on the relationship, “I am proud to be affiliated with this company. I am proud of all the projects we have worked on together; because I know how much love and heart, and compassion goes into everything Work Sharp does.”

Products include a 3 Year Warranty and are available at