Easton Diamond Sports announced the launch of its 2022 Ghost* Advanced fastpitch bat with new technology and design.

“It’s always exciting to see one of our new bats released to the public and into top players’ hands,” said John Loeffler, Easton Bat category manager. “Especially with something like the Ghost Advanced, that is already so highly regarded, our team continued to work tirelessly to make further improvements and put the best product out on the field.”

Featuring Easton’s patented Double Barrel construction, the Ghost Advanced offers a “massive sweet spot. Sonic Comp Max, Easton’s most durable composite, results in maximum performance with the lowest barrel compression and iconic sound heard across all fields. Power Boost ‘Soft Knob’ Technology gives hitters more leverage and power potential while reducing vibration and improving comfort for the bottom hand. Two-piece ConneXion Evolution separates the handle from the barrel with the perfect amount of forgiveness, eliminating all vibration.”

“Our team didn’t get complacent after introducing the first iteration of the Ghost Advanced,” said Matt Arndt, Easton SVP, product & R&D. “We have continued to push innovation and add meaningful improvements to performance and durability, which build on our strong momentum in the fastpitch softball category and the Ghost lineup of bats.”

The bat is certified by ASA (USA), USSSA (fastpitch only), NSA, ISA and WBSC (ISF). Sizes include -11 (29”/18 oz., 30”/19 oz., 31”/20 oz., 32”/21 oz., 33”/22 oz.), -10 (30”/20 oz., 31”/21 oz., 32”/22 oz., 33”/23 oz., 34”/24 oz.), -9 (32”/23 oz., 33”/24 oz., 34”/25 oz.), -8 (33”/25 oz., 34”/26 oz.).

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*The Ghost trademark is owned by Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc. and is used under license.